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The Poet Pilot Group   provides a variety of services to a diverse range of customers.
Contact us at:    Poet Pilot Ltd                    07721 404 823      
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Poet Pilot (UK) Ltd - is the parent company of the Poet Pilot Group & provides general business consultancy services..

EAValu8 Ltd - provides best practice mentoring, thought leadership and training in business transformation, planning & architecture.

Poet Pilot Ltd - provides Aviation, avionics, creative arts & tourism/leisure services.


Microlight flying lessons over the beautiful Gloucestershire & Welsh countryside. 

Contact us if you are interested in:

*  Getting a National Private Pilot Licence (Microlights)

*  Renewing Certificates of Experience if already a pilot

*  Taking training lessons for tailwheel microlight aircraft

*  Undergoing "Ground School" tuition for NPPL(M) exams

or any other microlight queries you may have!

Buy a Gift Voucher to get a taste of microlight flying or for that special surprise gift!

We fly from Gloucestershire Airport, UK. Height (max. 6' 7"),  weight (max. 100kg) & age (min.12 yrs)restrictions apply