Poet Pilot is your local distributor for Lynx Avionics for Gloucester & the surrounding area.

Lynx intercom products are divided into three main categories:



Relai System - Individual headsets &

helmets for direct connection to hand-held radios











Micro System - A unique, self-contained

headset & helmet intercom system for use

 in open-cockpit aircraft

The Lynx UK website carries further details on the product range, and recommed retail prices.  Please check them out at these pages, then contact us if you'd like to buy from us.  We promise to process & deliver your order as quickly as possible!


Lynx UK Homepage

Lynx Products Pricelist

Lynx Technical (Schematics, compatibility, etc)

Lynx Service (fault finding, etc)


Pilot System - A range of conventional headsets & helmets for use in light aircraft & helicopters.



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