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Useful Pilots' Stuff

Local Flying PLOG (Pilot's Log)

PLOG with R/T samples

Cross-Country PLOG (Excel)

Gloucestershire Airport Map & Info (AIS website)

How To Fold A Half-Mill Map !

Microlight-related legislation changes

(These supplement published Air Law books)

NPPL - Air Navigation(Amndmnt)(NO. 2) Order 2007

Change to Permit to Fly conditions for Microlights (BMAA) - Overflight Congested Areas

Exemption for Deregulated Microlights (2009)

Microlight Hiring Changes (2008)

EV-97 Eurostar Documents

Eurostar G-SHMI POH (Pilot's Operating Handbook)

Eurostar G-SHMI Maintenance Schedule

ICOM AC20 (Radio) Manual

ICOM Preset Frequencies (G-SHMI)

Eurostar Cockpit Checklist

Eurostar Flight test review article

Microlight Aircraft Training Documents

Here are some useful documents and links for you.  If you're already a qualified pilot, then some of these won't be relevant.  But you may still find some of these useful!

Student Stuff

BMAA NPPL-M Training Syllabus

Phonetic Alphabet

R/T (Radio) sample dialogue on local flight

CAA Radio Manual (CAP 413)

Medical Declaration Form & Information

Useful Links

BMAA Website

National Private Pilot's Licence website


Thruster TST Documents

Thruster G-MTKA POH (Pilot's Operating Handbook)

ICOM AC20 (Radio) Manual

ICOM Preset Frequencies (G-MTKA)

Thruster TSTCockpit Checklist